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Joy, Krista & Sara are all DONA International Trained Doulas. 

*DONA International Packets have been sent in, Certification is pending.

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Krista's Journey

Krista is trained and certified as a HypnoBabies Doula and is the only VBAC Trained and Certified Doula in the Treasure Valley area. 

Hi! I'm Krista! I am 29 years old and have been married for 9 years to my amazing husband, Clark. We have two sons, Anson (4 years) and Ruger (2 years) and 2 Labrador Retrievers. We moved to Idaho in 2017, 4 weeks postpartum! Some call us crazy, but we couldn't feel more at home. This is where we want to raise our boys and grow roots. 

My first labor, in 2014, was extremely traumatic. I was induced too early which resulted in a cesarean. I had been induced early because my OBGYN had told us I wouldn't be able to pass a large baby vaginally unless we tried induction. My first son was 9lbs 10oz. After multiple ER visits after my discharge, I was readmitted 10 days after my cesarean for severe sepsis. I had four infections and massive clotting. Due to these complications, my husband and I were told we would never have another baby.

In 2016, my new OBGYN was trying to figure out why I was in so much pain. He ran a countless amount of tests like the Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) test which has ink go through your fallopian tubes to check for blockages. In result of doing these tests, I was able to get pregnant again mysteriously. I was too scared to have another cesarean. My best friend had introduced me into the non-conventional birth world. During this pregnancy I found my love of birth. I had to educate myself. I was planning an un-medicated VBAC at a birthing center with a doula and a midwife. Well, I got that VBAC and I did it with a larger baby! My second son was 9lbs 14oz. 

My journey has led me to becoming a doula. I wish I had a voice or someone to educate me for my first child. Unfortunately, I went in blind and trusted my doctor completely without questioning things when it didn't feel right. I want to be apart of a mother's support system from the beginning, during labor and after the baby has arrived. After successfully achieving my VBAC, I knew that I wanted to help other mothers obtain the birth they've wanted. My births were completely different and I believe that my experience between both births are instrumental in me seeing both sides of the birth spectrum. It wasn’t until my 2nd birth how I realized how important having a doula was to a birth team. The support the women provided me with my second birth gave me my passion to help educate, advocate and empower other women!

I cannot wait to meet you and support you during your labor and birth and am thankful to be apart of your birth team!

Joy's Journey

Joy is trained in Placenta Encapsulation and Placenta Tinctures.

Hi! My name is Joy and I am 37 years old. I’ve been married to my awesome husband, Greg for almost 16 years. We have have 3 kids, Jakob, our oldest son is 18, Callie, our daughter is 14 1/2 and Aidan, our youngest son is 12.


I remember people asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up and my response was always “a mom!” I knew from a very EARLY age that God has placed that on my heart first and foremost.


I became a mama for the first time just 10 days shy of my 19th birthday. (GASP! I know, kinda young but it was amazing for me!) At that stage of my life I knew one thing...I wanted to try and attempt a drug free birth. I know I am very determined when I put my mind to something (okay, and because I was scared to have an epidural!) I was fortunate enough to get through drug free and deliver a healthy baby boy who had the cord around his neck, not once, but twice.

Fast forward four years later and I’m about to have baby #2. Again, I was really wanting another drug free labor because I knew I was able to pull it off the first time. Well, after 16 1/2 hours, I did manage to have another drug free birth but don’t get me wrong, I thought long and hard about that epidural at many points. I should have know then that my daughter would be stubborn! 


With our 3rd child I had to be induced at 37 weeks because he was measuring much smaller than my doctor liked. He told me that my baby would be much better off if he could be born and breastfeed to plump up. My hubby and I checked into the hospital in the evening and they placed my Cervadil at midnight. They pushed pitocin like nobody’s business and broke my water to hurry him along. (My doctor was headed to Mexico for vacation later that day). Boy, oh boy! That was definitely a different type of labor for me! So intense but again through techniques learned and the support of my husband, I managed to give birth with no epidural. 


After being pregnant 4 times and giving birth 3 times, I fell in love with all of it! I knew that I needed to be apart of such a beautiful thing, time and time again! Becoming a doula feels like an absolute calling and it will hopefully just be the first step in a long career in the birthing world. 


I am excited, no, BLESSED to have the opportunity to help support, encourage and love on you while you birth your new little one (or not so little one) into this world!


PSALM 139:13

Sara's Journey

Sara is a professional photographer and does Birth, Maternity, Family Fresh 48 and Newborn!

Hi! My name is Sara and I am 37 years old. My husband and I have four kids three girls and one boy. Our oldest daughter is 20, our middle daughter is 15, our son is 7 and our youngest daughter is 4. I love being a mom and nothing means more to me then spending time with my family. I have lived in Idaho my entire life and I truly enjoy the Treasure Valley and all of the things it has to offer. Some of my favorite things about this area are the spending time in the mountains, hiking, going to the different lakes in the area, camping and going to hot springs!

From the time I became pregnant with my oldest daughter (20 years ago …. Wow) I have had a love for all things pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. This love only continued to grow during the pregnancies and births of my other three children.

I have had very different birth experiences with all four of my babies. My first labor with my oldest daughter started with Pitocin after she was 10 days past her due date and the doctor was concerned about my amniotic fluid getting low. My second labor with my middle daughter started with having my water broke by the doctor after she was measuring large. Both these labors were very challenging and while I managed to get through them

both with out an epidural I couldn’t help but feel that I didn’t fully participate in either of them. It felt more as if I was having things done to me instead of working together with my doctor. By my third labor with my son I was determined to have a different experience. I educated myself on the best labor practices and I waited for labor to start on its own. I also labored at home for as long as possible. My son was born a quick 40 minutes after I arrived at the hospital! I felt like I had fully participated in this labor and birth. It was so much more manageable then my first two. By the time my fourth and final labor came around with my youngest daughter I knew, that as long as I didn’t have any serious medical issues, I would again wait for labor to start on its own and I would labor at home for as long as possible. My youngest daughter was born about 2 hours after I got to the hospital (giving me just enough time to get in a warm bath and get some relief before pushing). I again felt like I had fully participated in her labor and birth. These different experiences really showed me how educating yourself on the process of labor and birth and the different options that are out there can lead to a much more satisfying experience.

I knew after the birth of my youngest daughter that I wanted to be a part of the birth world and help educate, support and empower amazing families while they bring their little ones into the world! I took the DONA international doula training in July of 2018 and I am so thankful to now be pursuing my passion and love of birth! 

I can not wait to meet with you and talk with you about your birth! I am honored for you to consider meto be a part of your birth team.


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