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Birth Center

Boise River Birth Center - (208) 639-2700


The Boise River Birth Center provides out-of-hospital birthing options such as their birthing center and home births. Not only are they passionate about women's health care, they are also passionate about mental health care that is often neglected during pregnancy and after birth! Kellie Northam is the only PSI certified perinatal and postpartum moods disorder that can prescribe medication in the Treasure Valley. Tracy and Kellie bring so much to the table for women during pregnancy, labor and postpartum care. If you are looking for a midwife, home birth, and/or birth center, please call them!

Family Chiropractor 

Dr. Ogle - (208)  939-0775


Dr. Ogle is a family focused practice! Two of his specialties are Pregnancy and Infants. Not only is he an amazing chiropractor, he specializes in helping colic and reflux for infants! Having an adjustment during pregnancy is essential and highly recommended! Dr. Ogle takes a natural approach with all of his patients. Dr. Ogle and his staff are incredibly helpful and friendly. They make you feel right at home. 

Birth Photography

Huckleberry Cloud Photography


Brandy is an amazing photographer. She puts her heart, passion and soul into her work. Brandy specializes in Maternity, Birth Stories, Fresh 48 and Newborn sessions. If you saw Krista's photo in the "About Us" section, you can see her beautiful work. Brandy is also outgoing and extremely easy to work with. She makes you feel comfortable right off the bat! We highly recommend documenting your birth. It's an experience that will stay with you over the years. We have heard time and time again that the memory of your birth starts to fade the older you get. These pictures will cherish every single moment. To get into contact with Brandy, click the link above!


Dr. Jennifer Hudson  at Women's Health Associates http://womenshealthboise.com/providers/jennifer-hudson/

Dr. Hudson is an amazing OBGYN. Not only is she thorough, she is kind, passionate about her clients and believes and integrates holistic and conventional medicine into her day to day work! Dr. Hudson is also an amazing advocate for women and their health needs from pregnancy to postpartum and everyday women's health needs. If you are looking for an OB to be apart of your birth team, we highly recommend her! 

Therapeutic Bodywork

Prism Therapeutic Bodywork

Crystle Logan - (208) 501-6113


If you are looking for a spectacular massage therapist, look no further! Crystle is your woman! She has a holistic approach to Body, Mind & Spirit. Your pain and stress will melt away after one of her sessions. Not only does she do prenatal massages, she offers regular therapeutic massages, reflexology and energy work. You will instantly feel like you've known Crystle forever. 

Placenta Encapsulation & Belly Binding

Syringa Family Doula


We highly recommend Ashley for Placenta Encapsulation and Postpartum Belly Binding! Placenta encapsulation has some amazing benefits. It is known to help aide in recovery from your delivery, increase milk production and help with your mood stabilization after having birth with the hormone drop. Belly binding can help with posture, slimming of the rib cage, healing for internal organs to get back into proper placement and so much more.