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What is a Doula?

Congratulations! Doula is a Greek word that means "woman servant or caregiver". A doula provides emotional and physical support to a woman and their partner/family during and after childbirth. We are there to advocate and encourage you throughout the entire birthing process and never leave your side.

​“Women have complex needs during childbirth. In addition to the safety of modern obstetrical care, and the love and companionship provided by their partners, women need consistent, continuous reassurance, comfort, encouragement and respect. They need individualized care based on their circumstances and preferences. The role of the birth doula encompasses the non-clinical aspects of care during childbirth.” - DONA International

Partner’s Role

The role of the doula is never to take the place of the partner during labor, but to compliment and enhance their experience. Today, many partners are taking a more active role in the birth process, but some partners feel that this is a huge expectation and would rather be able to enjoy the delivery without having to stand in as labor coach. With a doula as part of the birth team, a partner can do whatever he feels comfortable with at each moment. Doulas can encourage the partner to use comfort measures and can step in when he needs a break. Having a doula allows the partner to be able to support their partner emotionally during labor and birth and also enjoy it without the pressure to remember everything they learned in childbirth class.

Studies have shown that with the continuous support of a doula during labor, women experience:

  1. Shorter Labors

  2. Less Chance Of A Cesarean Birth

  3. Less Need For Epidurals

  4. Less Pitocin Use

  5. Higher Satisfaction With Labor & Birth Experience

  6. Higher Rates Of Spontaneous Vaginal Birth

General Benefits