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VBAC Education Class

This class is packed with my own personal experience as a VBAC mom and professional experiences with so much evidence based data! I can offer a completely different perspective as someone who has been in your shoes. This is one of my true passions and why I became a doula!


We have carefully crafted a comprehensive VBAC manual that is designed to provide women and their partners with information regarding physiology of birth; how we are designed to give birth vaginally and direction to guide them in making their own unique and specific birth after cesarean choices. This will facilitate emotional healing, mental preparation, and physical preparation in order for families to understand their options for VBAC and plan a safe and satisfying birth with fear release techniques.


​Some of the major topics we will cover in the 3 hour course will be:

  • Mental and physical VBAC preparation

  • Essential VBAC stats & facts

  • VBAC and C-section risks & benefits

  • Choosing the right provider and birthplace

  • Safely avoiding C-sections

  • Making sense of interventions

  • What to expect during labor

  • Navigating your birth space

  • A VBAC course manual

VBAC Education - Private In-Home or Online Based Class


Please contact us if you live farther than 30 miles from Boise.

You get everything from above in the comfort of your own home! It will take about 2 hours to go over everything. 

If you know you want to purchase the in-home private VBAC Class, feel free to checkout below! Once we receive payment we will go ahead and schedule a time that works for you and/or your partner!


If you have any questions please email Krista at bumptobirthdoulas@gmail.com or through our "Contact Us" Page.